Becoming Bob Dylan

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The Lost Chapter: Selling Your Soul To The Devil

In a rare interview on June 26, 2005 with Ed Bradley, aired on the infamous 60 Minutes program, the 63-year-old rock singer said that his early songs were “almost magically written … kind of a penetrating magic.”

Dylan being Dylan being the greatest songwriter that ever lived, the host knew he really has nothing else to accomplish. So he asked him why are you still out there? why do you still do it?

Dylan said that was his destiny. He made a bargain with the devil long time ago, and now he’s holding up his end – his part of the deal.

When you’re set out to accomplish something in your life, you only focus on the goal. And if you really want it bad enough, you go all the way. You do everything you can to get there. You start breaking rules. You start losing your friends. You hurt people. And you tell yourself the end justifies the mean. You tell yourself this is the price I must pay to become great. You give up on your real dreams. You lose your sympathy and empathy. You lose the essence of what makes you a human.

Then you start losing yourself (whatever that means).

Then you accomplish your mission. You actually get “there”. Only to realize you paid way too much. Wasted way too much time. And broke way too many hearts -yours included. Repeatedly!!

Only then you finally realize that when you dance with the devil, the devil doesn’t change . . he changes you.

This is why I kept going. This is why I could never stop now. No matter the price. This is my destiny too. I am holding up my part of the deal.

And the devil will come to collect his debt one day.

Believe in me, and you shall die forever!


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