The Path of Least Resistance

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Simplifying the game of life when you are in your 20’s and still don’t know shit:

1. Ask for help (it’s a sign of strength not weakness).

2. Use technology in your advantage; whatever you are trying to do, there is probably a free app or a cheap tool that will help increase your efficiency and save you time, money and energy.

3. Follow role models that are currently living your dreams. Admire those who have what you want (via Twitter, Instagram and V-logs).

4. Continuously examine your life, values and the people around you.

5. This is my least favorite yet the most important mindset: the universe doesn’t give a fuck about you; it doesn’t give a fuck about your dreams or what you deserve. The universe gives a fuck about your real-world accomplishments and the value you can provide on the table.

So if you still didn’t accomplish anything significant or don’t feel like you have enough value to offer, you have two options:

a) Social networking to open doors for you, faster and easier.

b) Old school grind.

Hustle, until you no longer have to introduce yourself.


“Everything takes longer than you think.”

“Stop hanging out around people who don’t want to win.”

“Once you figure yourself out. nobody has leverage on you.” 

Gary Vaynerchuck.


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