Fire, Aim, Ready

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You know you live in integrity when the things you love start randomly coming together with no logical explanation, like when you’re preparing for a Strategy final exam and one of the study cases is about Formula-1 races and the reasons certain teams consistently outperform the other ones.

Finding your purpose in life is elusive; it’s not as straightforward as books and Life Coaches tell you. It’s not an engineering problem that you can solve with logic and numbers. It’s random, messy and doesn’t follow any certain pattern.

Your best chance is to do more of the things you love (a little bit of trial & error there), spend more time around people who are doing things that they love, and have the courage to follow a path not knowing where it might lead you.

Remember that life makes sense only in retrospect. As Steve Jobs once said, you can’t connect the dots in your life looking forward. Only looking backward. So sometimes you have to believe that whatever you’re doing right now, will somehow connect with the other dots in your future.

This will give you the courage to follow the path less traveled.

There’s no clarity.

There was never meant to be clarity.


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