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If you truly are a success and not self-delusional, you know success in your soul. My definition of success is the same as that of the Supreme Court justice who struggled to define pornography – I know it when I see it.

But then again, for any field to grow and becomes more narrowly defined among its practitioners, few things need to be agreed upon to form a base -a base from which more innovations come to existence.

Let’s look at Strategy, for example; it was one of the majors where practice preceded academia. But in order for Strategy to grow as a profession and as a an academic field, practitioners at some point had to agree on it’s basic components. From there, both academics and professional were able to take this discipline to the next level.

This is my humble -yet ambitious attempt to define the basic components of success.

In order to be a success you need to master at least 3 areas in the game of life:

Health & Fitness: it’d be fantastic if you master a specific sport, but to be in an excellent shape is good enough. Whether you run, cycle or practice MMA. As you grow in life, you will come to see this is THE most important element of your game.

Wealth: you don’t need to live in a big mansion and drive a Ferrari, but you should aim to reach a point where money is no longer an issue in your life. You’re not constrained by it. It becomes a tool to drive the other elements. A $100+K annually is the threshold point.

Academia: maybe this is the nerd in me but I’ve always advocated getting a degree in a major you’re passionate about from a top school. This will be a badge of honour to carry around wherever you go. If you add MBA on top of it, you’re in the lead 5%.

Relationships: surrounding yourself with champions. Friends who inspire you and push you to grow. Looking after your family and close ones. To design a lifestyle where awesome people constantly find their way into your web.

Career/Business: this is self-explanatory. We all need to do something that makes us feel significant. Whether you work for Goldman Sachs or a small start up. You should always aspire to lead a career or start a business that define who you are and improve the quality of living for those you have contact points with.

Creativity: dancing, painting, poetry, chess, video games. Whatever your passion is, you need this creative outlet to escape the grind of everyday life. To be more interesting. More exciting to be around. Alive.

Lifestyle & Experiences: world traveling, live concerts, happy hours, fashion, sport cars, cigar, adventures. Because luxury isn’t a superficial attempt. It’s a symbol of status. It’s a way of life -for those who can afford it.

Now why 3? Because 3 is a magical number. Because 3 means you didn’t get lucky. Because 3 means you mastered the game of life.


“Hustle isn’t just doing the things you love all the time. Hustle is doing the things you don’t enjoy sometimes to earn the right to do the things you love.”


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